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Road Tripping in New South Wales

  • Written by News Feature Team

Everyone knows Sydney and its iconic landmarks, but there’s far more to NSW than just its capital city; the state is home to some of the most spectacularly beautiful destinations in Australia. For those in search of adventure, exploring New South Wales by car is the ultimate cure to a case of wanderlust. These are just 4 of the best road trips in NSW.


Sydney to Byron Bay


Renowned for its gorgeous beaches and lively music festivals, thousands of people road trip to Byron Bay every year. Driving there from Sydney along the Pacific Coast takes about 9 hours, but it’s well worth the trip. There are over 40 national parks and 12 state forests on the way, with seaside towns like Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie providing travellers with picturesque pit stops. Situated just off the Pacific Highway, in NSW’s Northern Rivers region, Byron Bay has a famously laidback lifestyle and is surrounded by mountainous rainforest all the way to the coastline, where some of the best surf in Australia can be found.


Thredbo via the Alpine Way


Perched high in the Snowy Mountains, Thredbo is one of the coldest places in Australia. This picture-perfect town is located roughly 500 kilometres south of Sydney and you can reach it via the Alpine Way, a road that threads its way across ravines and forests, passing through Kosciuszko National Park. With a ski resort and accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to picturesque camping grounds, Thredbo is very much a tourist town, with a permanent population of less than 1,000 people. Whether you want to go skiing, explore the surrounding forests during the warmer months or simply enjoy the Alpine Way’s incredible views, Thredbo stays beautiful all year round.


The Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains are just beyond Sydney’s sprawling suburbs. Blanketed in a forest of eucalyptus trees, this iconic mountain range is made up of rugged cliffs and waterfalls, with charming little towns scattered along its winding roads. Rather than taking the most direct road into the mountains via Sydney’s M4 highway, a longer and more scenic route starts at Richmond, in the north west of the city. This pleasant drive is perfect for leisurely road trips in motorhomes, passing through towns such as Katoomba, before connecting to the Greater Blue Mountains Drive. If exploring the Blue Mountains from the comfort of a motorhome sounds like your kind of road trip, travel companies like Cruisin’ Motorhomes hire out such vehicles in a range of different sizes and models.


Waterfall Way


Past the seaside town of Coffs Harbour and its famous Big Banana, Waterfall Way heads in a westerly direction away from the coast. This 191-kilometre route traverses several national parks and across the tablelands of NSW’s New England region. As its name would suggest, the road passes a collection of waterfalls, including the Ebor Falls, Dangar Falls and Mihi Falls. There are also plenty of cafés and walking tracks to stop at along the way.


From picture-perfect beaches to snow-capped mountains, NSW has it all. Throw in a good road trip playlist and you’ll be ready to explore every inch of this beautiful state.

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