Siamese Fighter fish don’t fight the schedule - Easy pet owning tips for the low maintenance household

The world today is running on a fast pace, focusing on life’s many more important priorities. In today’s culture we gather many tasks which usually take hours to maintain and fulfill; though we only have the desire to fulfill them in such a short period of time.

Pet owning can be a tricky time; do we purchase the animal for the sake of giving our children additional responsibility, and creating a warm home for the animal. Knowing that we will be the ones cleaning, bathing, training and playing the animal, it may more so consume much of our time. There are other alternatives to pet ownership if you feel you cannot provide much needed quality time to our furry friends.

Fish are always a lighter more suitable approach to starting children with responsibility, structure and the assistance of balancing out priorities. Siamese fighter fish in particular can maintain well endured balance, harmony and not only positive energetic feng shui in the household.

Siamese fighting fish are commonly known as “betta” fish. They are a petite freshwater fish commonly retained as their beautiful vibrant colours and flattering flowing shapes, low maintenance & interesting characteristics are inhibited. Unfortunately their lifespan may reach only to two years old if treated with good care. Siamese fighting fish are fairly hostile and will outbreak in to “fights” with each other, slowly picking away at each other until one of them will diminish. We recommend securing the fish individually from each fighter fish. If you are an experienced breeder and have much knowledge in the aquarium life, you will already have knowledge of the many other species which can be placed in the same tank as each other.

Starting out, you will need:

1.    Siamese Fighter fish do not need a lot of space, their normal environment is typically small consequently they are not appropriate for big aquariums as they can become tired, tense and even die. A 2 litre volume per fighter fish as an overall standard.

2.    One little plant is necessary for the fish to swim around.

3.    Some gravel or decorative stones to trap the fish waste thus decreases the quantity fluctuating around.

4.    Water treatment to eliminate chlorine, chloramine and ammonia.

5.    The temperature should be about 25-27 Degrees Celsius.

6.    Bettas are anabantidae which means they can intake oxygen straight from the air and subsequently do not need a filter if they are contained by themselves.

What to feed your new Siamese fighter fish?

To keep your new low maintenance pet still well and vibrant in colour and energy, you need to provide a variation of nutrition.  An assortment of pellets and frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, daphnia or freeze dried blood worms are extremely beneficial. Give your pet a little bit of food once a day and you can treat them with some freeze dried worms and frozen food twice a week.  It’s significant not to over feed your fish. Over nourishing consequences in great heights of contamination in the water and can eradicate the fish. Overfeeding interferes with their movement aptitude and in dangerous circumstances they can’t grasp the surface to breathe.
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