Celebrating Australia Day on the Grill

  • Written by Diane Falzon

Celebrating Australia Day in true fashion does not have a complicated formula to follow. The day should be as fair dinkum as the zinc cream on your nose or the well-worn thongs on your feet!

It is a day full of simple pleasures - bumper to bumper with activities and moments your guests will soak up.

Family and friends coming together. Check.

Play backyard cricket (badly!) Double Check.

Enjoying a cold drink or two. Triple Check.

Indulging in a barbeque feast with iconic foods that are quintessential Australian. Done!

What’s on the menu?

Nothing says Australia Day more than creating a barbecue menu that is choc-a-block with your fire fan favourites.

Whether it is as simple as a good old fashioned sausage sizzle, a slow cooked lamb shoulder with spicy dry rub, delicious garlic prawns on the grill or being creative by cooking up a damper on the barbecue, fire and barbecue are the all-important foundations to your Australia Day feast.

At Samba, we have an array of fire and barbecue products which will amplify your grilling experience to the next level. From the popular Hickory Chips, ever-reliable Fire Wool, aroma-enriching Lump Charcoal and Hickory or Oak Smoking Chunks, Samba’s reliable fire and barbecue products have you covered this Australia Day.

But don’t forget to include the all-important sides which all can be done on the barbecue including succulent corn on the cob, grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and slow cooked stuffed tomatoes topped with tasty cheese.

Deck it out with green and gold

To fully ensconce the spirit of Australia Day, get cracking on the decorations – green and gold of course!

Think balloons, plenty of bunting as well as table clothes and of course, streamers!

While back yard cricket or tossing a thong are fun, go-to activities, if the weather is balmy, a good old fashioned water fight, complete with a “Slip and Slide” will certainly get tummy rumbling again for later that afternoon for a second round of barbecue bounty!

Australia Day dessert on the barbecue

To finish off the day in true Australia Day style, why not make the ultimate of pavlovas on the barbecue? This is the dynamic duo of Australian cuisine, with the barbecue giving the pavlova a unique smokiness that will have your guests talking.

Consider improvising these delicious pavlova recipes onto the grill Search Recipes | myfoodbook

From the team at Samba, wishing you all a great Australia Day.

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