3 Best Healthy Restaurants in Sydney

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When it comes to travelling, one of the main interests of travellers is eating. Whether this involves trying the local cuisine, going to the most luxurious restaurants, or simply eating off the street, there is a large segment of travellers whose main interest is eating. Travellers often look for different types of food when travelling, from junk food, the local cuisine, exotic cooking, to even healthy spots. Regardless of the eating venue, the experience will be memorable. And while Australia might be famous for tons of things such as its stunning beaches, their exotic wildlife, their beautiful cities, it is also quite popular when it comes to restaurants and good food.

If you are interested in finding out the best healthy restaurants in Sydney, then follow this curated list in order to find the best available options out there. Don't be surprised if these restaurants are packed with diners, often making lines or waiting for a table, given that some of these places are the most popular in Sydney. Nevertheless, make sure if you are visiting one of them, you call beforehand to make a reservation and secure yourself a place to eat.

If you end up having to wait for your table, be patient about it, and find a way to entertain yourself in line. For instance, you could sit down in the waiting area and read a book, listen to a podcast, or even play an online game using just your phone. You could find entertaining sites to play in such as robinroo online casino. Keep in mind that even if you have to stand by for a small period of time, all of these restaurants are definitely worth the wait.

Best Healthy Restaurants in Sydney

1.Bodhi Restaurant

This delicious establishment specialises in vegan Asian cuisine. They opened in 1988 and since then, they have been striving to provide their customers with delicious fresh meals that have also been locally sourced. All of the dishes in this place are absolutely exquisite. You can find the typical Asian dishes, but all of them are going to be transformed into a delicious vegan fusion.

2. Verd

Beautiful location with fresh and healthy options. While the menu is vegetarian, the restaurant has a lot of plant-based meals. All the food consumed in this place is obtained locally which makes it even better.

3. Daily Greens

This place surpasses all healthy expectations that a person has in a restaurant. Not only is this establishment sustainable and waste-free, but Daily Greens is incredibly popular for creating fun and delicious dishes that are plant-based. You will be able to find healthy meals here that are also quite tasty. The speciality in this place is bowls and salads, so make sure you order a savoury mixture.

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