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How can you decorate your eyes

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Our face tells a lot about our true self by expressions and reflecting vibes. While our eyes do most of the talking without even uttering a single word. Eyes are an open book to read about someone’s inner self. It is important to keep your face appealing and emit positivity all around. Well maintained face and body are important, to keep yourself and the surroundings healthy. Perfect skin and properly decorated face, tells a lot about your taste and liking along with the true reflection of your personality. Decorating face is not a difficult task, which includes contouring, emphasising lips and a bold and classy eye makeup. Decorating the eyes is an integral part of the overall makeup. Eye makeup specifically requires true techniques and expertise to bring out the best of your eye’s beauty.

Eyeshade application is not a big task. It is relatively easier than applying the eye makeup in the most appropriate and correct way. it requires the expertise and an eye for detail, to come up with the most intricate and styled eye. Decorating your eye has no limits and can be a remarkable makeover. From choosing the correct set of makeup brushes, buy mascara online to applying the correct tone of eyeshade from your favourite complementing your skin tone, it's not easy to bring out the best way of making your eyes pop. Here is a guide that can make the decoration task of eyes easier and perhaps the perfect one:

  1. Prepare your eyes

The first step that leads to outstanding eye makeup is the preparation phase of your eyes. Eye prepping with sharingan eye contacts is the most vital part to your appealing eye makeup look. Use a branded eye primer first to let the shades stick to your lids for long-lasting hours. Do not forget to apply the primer on you under eye dark circle area, to curb those wrinkled lines to some extent. Primer and concealer help a great deal to cover the dark circles that you might have got from those long working hours till late at night. The preparation is the foundation for the correct shades to sparkle when you apply for the outrageous party eye makeup or even the no-makeup look.

  1. Curl the lashes for bigger eyes

If you are aiming for the dramatic eye look or even otherwise, do not forget to curl your lashes with a Lash extension kit after applying mascara. I cannot agree more that mascaras are a girl’s best friend but curing the eyelashes would be the cherry on the top for the perfect everyday eye makeup. Whether you apply eyeshades or you don’t, the curled lashes give a serious dramatic and appalling look to your eye at any time of the day.

  1. Get the best makeup brushes

The most intriguing part of any type of eye makeup is to equip yourself with a great makeup brushes pack. As it is very hard to create a masterpiece without the proper tools, the same holds true for proper eye makeup with a remarkable finished outcome. Invest in the best cosmetic brushes set, for the precise and even eye makeup. Do not forget the regular proper cleaning of your brushes pack as it is imperative to have the hygienic makeup application. According to the study, synthetic brushes are better to use in comparison with the natural fibre brushes. They are not prone to allergies and quite affordable. Make sure that you have all types of eye shadow brushes like the medium eyeshade brush, light eye contour brush and the firm small tip shadow brush etc. according to your environment. Always keep the brushes packed in a pouch so that they do not come in contact with any bacteria or dust particles. Just like an artist, you too require proper tools for those perfect eye shade strokes that you are aiming for your shimmery, smoky or the natural eye makeup. Avoid trying to share or borrow other makeup brushes due to the bacteria contamination which might transfer to your skin or eye from the infected people.

  1. Highlight the upper lid

It is today’s common trend to highlight the upper eyelid up-to your eyebrows, to enhance the covered area of your eyes resting on your pretty face. Highlighters are the current most in-demand makeup essential for which the uses could be written in a long list. Highlighting the eye areas could go according to the shape of your eye, but the upper eyelid creates a different soft touch making your eye look bigger than its actual size. Even if you have puffy lower eyelids, highlighting the upper eyelid may reduce the appearance of the lower eyelid’s puffiness. You can also apply a highlighter as the base eyeshadow up-to your eyebrow bone as the foundation for any type of makeup that you are aiming for. Choose the lightest colour from your eyeshade palette and aim for that look which creates better-sized eyes. Do not forget to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

  1. Rim your lash-lines

Another important way to decorate your eyes and creating quite an appealing look is by; applying the rim to your eyelashes. Sometimes it is important to rim the eyelash lines in a super dark colour if your eyes are not big enough. You can create a pop outlook by rimming your lower eyelash lines with a black eye pencil and putting eyeliner in the shape of your choice. You can use a soft-bristled flat angled brush to smudge the black pencil applied at the rim of your lower eyelashes. Just as much as I love mascaras, eyeliners are my all-time favourites. You can be creative in defining different shapes of eyeliners above your eyelashes to create an impactful look. You can apply a pale or nude coloured liner to make the eye look wider from the corners and more awake. There are a variety of eyeliners available, and you can choose the one that you feel most convenient to apply without error on your upper eyelid. This step usually comes after applying the best-suited eyeshades according to your dress and the event that you are going to. Whether it’s a shimmery eyeshade or a smokey eye makeup, eyeliner is the oxygen to your eye makeup looks. No eye makeup can survive without an attractive eyeliner applied with perfect strokes.

Final Verdict

For the perfect eye makeup look, you do not only need to be extremely creative but should know the techniques and tools to use to give an appalling look to your eye. Remember, defining the dull areas and giving coverage to the flaws is the key to successful eye makeup. Keep a lookout for the best online makeup accessories sellers and grab on the stock whenever you find a good deal. Discard your old smelly makeup and use only the hygienic organic ones, following regular cleaning of your tools. An eye that catches the details can create phenomenal artistic touches to your perfect makeup look.