Breaking the Technical Barriers to NAD+ Supplementation, VIIVA Leads the Global Anti-Aging Revolution with Its Scientific Expertise

Throughout history, humans have been exploring the myth of eternal youth, while anti-aging has become a research topic of eternal interest. As one of the best achievements in emerging anti-aging research, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is highly commercialized and the most well-known.

NAD+ is an essential substance in the human body. It is involved in thousands of redox enzyme reactions. Without it, we'd be dead in only a few seconds. However, NAD+ levels drop dramatically with age. By age 40 to 60, at least 50% of NAD+ is lost, resulting in accelerated aging and various diseases.

Therefore, on the frontiers of scientific research, the primary issue of restoring NAD+ levels has become an important research topic. Scientists are interested in preventing and treating age-related diseases, as well as the restoration of health and vitality during the aging process.

With nearly 120 years of historical research since 1904, three scientists have won Nobel Prizes for their work on NAD+, and eight Nobel Laureates have publicly supported NAD+.

How to Supplement NAD+, the Nobel Winning Substance

According to conventional understanding, due to its large molecular weight, NAD+ is unstable in the air and difficult to enter the cell membrane, to be completely absorbed. The only way until now had been direct supplementation by intravenous injection, but this method was both invasive and expensive (about ¥5,000 / injection, continuous weekly injection) which made those who want to fight aging flinch.

In this regard, researchers began looking for ways to supplement NAD+ indirectly. For example, NMN and NA supplements became popular. These supplements of NAD+ have been hailed as "anti-aging elixirs" since their inception. Personalities from Warren Buffett to Li Ka-shing, as well as many big names in the business community, have endorsed them.

Aren’t there any direct and effective NAD+ supplements besides these?

Break the Technical Bottleneck and Make the Impossible Possible

In fact, scientists themselves have been studying effective ways to boost NAD+ levels by taking the supplements orally themselves.

In 2001, a biochemical research team at the University of Genova, Italy, found that connexin cx43 in half channels regulates the transmembrane flux of intact NAD+ by mediating calcium ions. However, these findings were not well received by the medical community. Most medical research was still focused on NAD precursor conversion.

During 2016-2018, the Australian Institute of Integrative Medicine proposed the direction of NAD development in the 21st century, namely, the formulation of optimal NAD+ compound supplements. The optimal NAD+ direct supplement formula can be obtained under the mediation of transmembrane proteins by combining the encapsulated and stable NAD+ molecules with the natural ingredients that can be effectively matched.

In 2018, a precise and complete pathway for NAD+ transmembrane proteins was again proposed by Italian scientists. Meanwhile, a newly discovered transmembrane protein that can directly transport NAD+ into the mitochondria was also proposed.

At the same time, the VIIVA Global Product and Science Advisory Board began to conduct in-depth research on NAD+ supplementation when studying NMN. As the research progressed, scientists made a new discovery in order to break the technical bottleneck. The goal, of course, was to achieve direct NAD+ supplementation.

In 2020, the VIIVA Global Product and Science Advisory Board, the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, and the Australian Institute of Integrative Medicine jointly set out to develop a compound NAD+ that can be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body.

"This is a fusion of Eastern and Western wisdom, the concept of homeopathy + the Oriental theory of compatibility-based compound formula, based on Western molecular medicine". Mr. Ashley Dayman, a scientist at the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, has stated, "On this basis, we have again made a breakthrough in compatibility research and developed the current optimal formula to upgrade it into an active superfood ingredient, VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT! I believe this will result in an innovative, even revolutionary product that changes the tide in the field of anti-aging!"

As shown, these incremental steps in scientific research and technological development are only now beginning to reveal how we can make full use of its bountiful benefits for the sake of humanity.

Subversive Research Findings Start a New Era through Direct Supplementation

The result of VIIVA's latest research, NAD+ DIRECT, uses original DRT technology to innovatively solve the problem of oral NAD+ absorption.

“NAD+ Direct was formulated by a team of trained Chinese Medical Doctors following the eternal principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ingredients were chosen on the basis of their energy compatibility with the purpose of increasing the force of Blood and Chi in those people who use them. Western medical science was used to devise and develop a physical product that contained a supplement payload enveloped within multiple layers of lipids. The outermost layer is a preparation that is resistant to temperature fluctuations so the product can be stored safely at room temperature. The second lipid capsule protects its contents against the action of stomach acid and intestinal digestive enzymes.

At an ideal position in the small intestine, the second protective covering dissolves and opens to another third lipid layer which facilitates the uptake and transport of the capsule into, and then through the cells lining the intestine and into small blood vessels. Once in the bloodstream, the product, utilizing newly developed cell-penetrating technology, enters the cell with the NAD+ molecule unmodified from the NAD+ molecule which was taken orally. This total manufacturing process is innovative and patentable,  because it, theoretically, does something no other supplement preparation can do; namely, allows oral NAD+ to be conveyed intactly into the cells where it is used. Another ingredient PQQ, enters the cell separately from NAD+ and enhances the recycling of NAD+ in what is called a cytosol ‘salvage pathway’.

The last major ingredient, Urolithin A, also enters the cell separately and helps with the recycling of mitochondria, the intracellular organelles which produce ATP, the energy of the body. NAD+ is essential to the production of ATP by the mitochondria. NAD+ Direct is, therefore, a unique product where the Eastern Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been integrated with the science of Western Medicine to form a potent NAD+ supplement which has a powerful impact on human health.” proudly states chief advisor Dr. Fred Templeman of the VIIVA Global Product and Science Advisory Board.

VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT enables direct NAD+ supplementation through oral intake and directly supplies energy to the mitochondria in order to achieve the optimal balance of NAD+ levels in the human body. VIIVA launched this product to provide consumers with a new anti-aging approach. Considering direct NAD+ supplementation and the unique technology behind it, VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT will be a superior choice among all the other NAD+ supplements!
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