The Top 8 Window Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Bright and Shiny

Keeping your windows and mirrors clean can be a challenge without the right tools to achieve a streak-free result. Also, window cleaning is not a one-time deal. In fact, it’s something you should consider on an annual basis or more, depending upon how often your windows get dirty and need attention.

You can’t wash dirt away easily without proper care from window cleaning professionals who know what steps to take to keep your windows looking new. However, whether you want to DIY your window cleaning or let experts do it for you, it’s not extremely difficult when you follow these helpful tips. If you’re ready, read on. 

Start Cleaning From Top to Bottom 

Cleaning the mirrors and windows is a tedious task, but it can be made easier with some preparation. First clean from top to bottom, then use gravity and let the cleaner drip parts you haven't cleaned yet. 

Start at the top and as you work your way down, make sure there are no drips on the glass surfaces that are cleaned already. 

Use Cotton Swabs to Clean the Corners 

The residue in your glass may be difficult to remove, but it's not impossible. You just need the right tool to clean those stubborn dirt in the corners, such as cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are small enough to get into hard-to-reach areas and they do the job.

Prevent Drips on Woodwork 

Glass and window cleaners can be pretty harmful to the framed wood areas of your mirrors, so always take care not to cause any drips on these surfaces. The best way would be to use cloths or paper towels as they will absorb all leaks. 

Take care not to spray cleaner all at once— instead, apply it in small sections starting from the top to bottom.

Make Use of Newspapers 

There are several ways to clean your window panes, and some people prefer newspapers. The idea behind this method is that it removes all dirty residues from glass surfaces and leaves them spotless, leaving no oily film or marks on the hands. 

Others don't like how messy newspapers can get when applied velcro-style because it causes unwanted smudges. While newspapers don't hold up well when wet, it is still worth a try if you're not fond of using towels or cloth. 

Also, you can just wear gloves if you dislike how your hands look while using them as they wet your hands. 

Use a Window Wiper or Squeegee 

When using glass cleaning products, it's important to know the difference between cloth and an actual reusable cleaner. A typical microfibre towel will not work on all surfaces because of its thin fabric quality. The mop-style surface, on the other hand, requires more aggressive wiping which causes streaks. 

Using a window wiper or squeegee makes cleaning of window sections seamless for window cleaning in Sydney. For tall windows, you can use a long-handled squeegee as it does a double duty in cleaning your doors and showers walls as well. 

Use an Old Shirt 

Old t-shirts make great cleaning cloths for windows because they're lint-free and won't leave any residue on your glass. This is the cheapest way to keep your home clean and dry. You can use them for everything from wiping down countertops, cleaning windows or even dusting baseboards. Plus, they're environmentally friendly, saving you money and time. 

Clean Windows During Cloudy Days 

The sun can dry your window washing fluid, and it leaves unwanted streaks residue. However, if you let them dry out before washing with soap suds, they will be easier for you to clean. The solution will get stuck in the cracks, so you need to wipe it away immediately or else there'll be streaks all over your window.

Use Homemade Cleaner for Windows 

In some cases, homemade solutions do a better job than store-bought ones. They're usually more economical and you know exactly what is going into them. 

Benefits of Window Cleaning 

Having clean windows has some great benefits, such as: 

  • Improve your home’s appearance 

The more natural light in your home, the better. This is because it reflects its beauty much more brightly than artificial lighting does. 

  • Get rid of toxic mould 

Mould can cause unsightly black spots on windows or sills, and it thrives in warm wet places. Window condensation is the perfect breeding ground for mould to thrive. You may not be able to see it, but you'll know it's there because of its blackness and grey hue on your windowsill.

The mould found between your glass and casing can be difficult to notice. There are professionals out there who can get rid of the unhealthy mould from your windows and home. They will use chemicals and a good overall cleaning process to eliminate all that unwanted moulds and spores.

  • Extend windows’ lifespan 

You may have noticed that your glass shower door is etched or damaged. The etching on these doors is caused by aluminium screens, which accumulate lime deposits from water and other substances over time. This shouldn't go unnoticed as it will only get worse with more rainfall. 

  • Reduce the presence of allergens 

The accumulation of pollen, dust and other allergens on your window sills can have a negative impact on your and your family's health. Headache, fatigue, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose are common symptoms.  

The allergens present in your home can also cause major respiratory problems. A professional cleaning service will help decrease moulds and allergens by thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning all surfaces. 

  • Early detection of window problems

Many homeowners overlook the eroding condition of their homes, resulting in larger repair bills and more time-consuming renovation solutions. This is why you should treat your home with a professional window cleaning service that goes beyond cleaning the surface. These professionals will carefully examine any damaged or loose casings, cracks in windows and even wood rot on window sills and make necessary repairs.

If you notice that the screen doesn't properly fit or the sashes are painted shut, it needs to be fixed right away. If problems are tackled early on though, it can save you money in the long. 

Key Takeaway 

Window cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, but it's easy to forget about it or put it off. Windows need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep them looking bright and shiny. With these tips, we hope that addressing window issues at home is now much easier. 

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