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Women's Soccer in Australia and How It's Developed

  • Written by Auzzi Shopping

Women’s soccer in Australia is actually one of the most prominent sports in the country, and this is a fact. Australian online bookmakers run extensive odds, fixtures and markets covering A-League Women events, and they are happy to do so. The league has a long and important history and is part of the cultural emancipation of women in some of the most important aspects of social interaction.

Admittedly, A-League Women took some time to create, and it arrived in 2008, but it marked an important milestone and a notable shift towards more female-focused sports and athletic contests. Since then, A-League Women has been a permanent fixture on people’s favourite sports events to watch in Australia.

The championship itself is a 14-round regular season followed by the playoffs and, of course – the finals. The league is highly contested, and the past three champions include teams such as Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory, and others. Of course, the A-League has strong traditions, and some teams tend to be slightly better.

This has not-stop the constant push towards better sports on all levels of the A-League, with teams constantly on the move to acquire more talented players and throw a big upset in the season by demonstrating their skill. Salaries were an issue at first, but things are now better. The average salary in the league is now around $320,000 Australian dollars, increasing from around $220,000 a year before. 

Salaries have been growing rapidly, especially after the FIFA Women’s World Cup, during which the United States’ women’s club demonstrated impeccable play and how good they can be in the stadium. Interest in female sports has been growing, and interest in soccer has been at an all-time high. 

This is mostly male-dominated soccer, but finally, and thanks to organisations such as the A-League, the focus is fixing on other areas of the experience. Female soccer has plenty to offer - check at the site.