Quick Tricks To Reduce The Pain Of A Tattoo

  • Written by News Feature Team

It’s no secret: getting a tattoo can be a pretty painful experience. Most people are tough enough to sit through it with the hope of coming away with a piece they love, but when you’re getting something large or don’t have a high pain threshold, the process can be tough. While it’s probably not possible to eliminate the pain completely, there are some tricks you can use to make the process slightly more bearable.

Make Sure You Really Love The Design

It’ll be a lot harder to put up with a truly painful ink session if you’re not 100% positive that you love the design going into your skin. However, you can always find tattoo removal company and get rid of it. But to avoid it take the time to find a design you really love and an artist you can trust. If you’re not totally sure that you want it, don’t put yourself through the pain.

Use A Numbing Cream

There are creams out there that can help lower the pain caused by the needle, so if you’re really freaked out about the pain you might experience you may want to pick one up before you head to your appointment. These topical anaesthetic creams can be applied to the area you’re about to tattoo before your session -they’ll completely numb the skin so you’ll feel much less when the artist starts working. Numbing creams do have some downsides, though. They can cause slight swelling in the area that may make it more difficult for the artist to get the design done perfectly. They also only tend to last about half an hour, so you’ll begin feeling the pain after that point.

Take Painkillers

You may experience some slight pain relief if you pop a safe dosage of ibuprofen or paracetamol before you arrive at your tattoo appointment. These medications are relatively safe, but you should check with your doctor to be sure that they suit your body. While there are people out there who have certainly had a couple drinks before they get a tattoo, this is a very bad idea. It may leave you less sensitive to physical sensations, but it can also cause a range of complications, as well as leaving you vulnerable to making poor decisions due to reduced inhibitions. Stay away from the hard stuff and stick with a couple painkillers if you want to enjoy the experience.

Sit Back And Relax

Sometimes, the most effective way to get through the discomfort of a tattoo is to train your mind to tune out. If you’re very tense and anxious while the artist is working, you’re more likely to be hyper sensitive to the feeling of the needle. You can naturally reduce your anxiety and your pain levels by breathing deeply, practicing meditation techniques, and distracting yourself from the physical sensations you’re feeling. You can begin practicing these techniques in the weeks leading up to your appointment so you’re fully prepared to help your mind unwind when the day arrives. Bringing a friend along for some casual conversation could help keep your mind busy. You can also try putting headphones in and listening to some of your favourite music to stay distracted.

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