Foods to Lower Blood Sugar

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A good way to manage your blood sugar level is thru a healthful diet. Basically, drinks that the body consumes are advisable, because they do elevate your blood sugar level. In this lieu, the glycemic index (GI) computes the effects of particular foods in relation to blood sugar levels. Where, persons, who needs to control their sugar levels, will have to eat foods with low or medium GI scores. To have a balanced meal, you may consume foods and supplements together with those that have low and high GI scores. They have special deals on yes wellness on supplements that may lower blood sugar levels.

Your eating plan should concentrate on the amount and type of carbs you add on your daily diet. Though, it is also good to add your favorite foods. You can eat enough foods, to keep you happy, but avoid overeating and doing poor choices.

Below is a list to some of the right foods to consume if you are conscious of your blood sugar levels:

  1. Pumpernickel Bread

In whole wheat breads, the pumpernickel bread and stone-ground whole wheat breads bear low GI scores, with 55% or less of the GI scale. Compared to regular whole wheat bread pumpernickel and stone-ground whole wheat breads has lower GI scores, because its ingredients go through a lower percentage in processing. This processing is able to diminish the fibrous exterior shells of the grains and cereals in the breads. For a fact, fiber is able to slow down digestion and aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

  1. Fruits

A lot of fruits generate lower GI scores, which are 55 or less in percentage. Why is it so? This is mainly because a lot of fruits bear many water and fibers to control their fructose or the naturally occurring sugar. Though, when these fruits become ripen, their GI scores is added. Moreover, fruit juices bear high GI scores, since, extracting juices is able to remove the fiber’s skins and seeds. In studies, it was found out that people who eat more whole fruits, like apples, blueberries and grapes, had experienced a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Experts reported that consuming fruit juice adds to the risk of having the said condition. Read more on diabetes on this link.

  1. Potatoes and Yams

The basic potatoes bear a high GI score, but sweet potatoes and yams show low GI scores, which are also healthy to consume. Studies have shown that the ingredients of sweet potato bear more fiber than the skin, which only says that this vegetable is good for people with diabetes.

  1. Oats

Oats show lower GI scores, with 55% or lower in percentage. Hence, eating oats are less likely to lead to higher blood sugar levels. Furthermore, oats have B-glucans, which lowers down glucose and insulin after consuming meals, grow insulin sensitivity, aid in controlling glycemic control and lower down blood lipids.

  1. Nuts

Like oats, nuts contain lower GI scores, with 55% or less in percentage. It is very rich in dietary fiber. Moreover, it bears high levels of plant proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals (like flavonoids,) and minerals (like magnesium and potassium.) Also, a study has shown that eating nuts can help diabetes patients. It is best to eat raw nuts, because nuts with flavors show higher GI scores.

  1. Legumes

Legumes show lower GI scores. This can be lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas. These bears healthy nutrients that help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. The said nutrients are fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein. In a study, it was shown that adding legumes to your diet aids in improving glycemic control and cut down on the risk of having coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes. Though, it is advisable to avoid legumes with sugars, simple starches, syrups, sauces or marinades, because it may add on the GI scores.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a known element in traditional medicines for diabetes and a lot of severe cases. It aids in lowering blood sugar levels through improving insulin sensitivity. In a study, people who consumed metformin and garlic show a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels. Garlic is always seen in cooking meals. You can eat it raw, add to salads and fry in meals.

  1. Cold-water fish

Fish and other meats bear no GI scores, since, these does not have carbohydrates in them. Though, cold-water fish can aid in preventing diabetes compared to other kinds of meat.

  1. Yogurt

Consuming yogurt on a daily account may help in preventing type 2 diabetes in patients. A study has shown that may be the only dairy product to cut down the risk of developing diabetes. Furthermore, other dairy products were said to show an ability to lower down blood sugar levels.

For added info on foods to eat to control blood sugar level, you may visit this site.

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