How to check Wednesday Lotto results

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Wednesday Lotto results are announced at 7:30 PM AEST, every Wednesday, on the 7TWO television network. If you're using a cable connection, 7TWO usually airs on channel 137. To check your results, simply match the announced numbers on television with the numbers on your ticket. Remember that the first six numbers are the lucky numbers and you must have at least one of them. The two numbers that are announced afterwards are the supplementary numbers which are required to win other divisions of prizes.

7TWO is a free-to-air television network so you could also watch it free online.

If you’ve missed the results for Wednesday Lotto on television, you could also see them online. Just follow the steps to check your results:

1. Go to the website

2. Click on Wednesday lotto on the top menu.

3. Click on the Wednesday Lotto draw for which you’ve bought the tickets.

4. Scroll down on the page and you'll find a text box saying, "Check your lotto ticket".

5. Type your ticket number to verify if it has won any prizes.

6. You could also see the lucky numbers and supplementary numbers; you could easily see them just above the text box mentioned.

7. Information about the prizes can be found by scrolling down further.

Lottery Statistics

While you're looking for the results of Wednesday’s Lotto, you should also consider checking the lottery statistics. Lottery statistics are very helpful in increasing your chances of winning. They include frequency of numbers, the jackpot distributed and the odds of winning a prize in the lotto. So, be sure to give a look at them.

Claiming your prize

To claim your prize, you must have a valid account in The Lott. If you don't reside in Australia, then the tax could be imposed on your lotto prize. The details of the tax can be known by contacting a financial expert. However, if you do live in Australia, you should not need to be worried about taxes imposed on your prize. In every state of Australia, lotto prizes are distributed tax-free.

About Wednesday Lotto

Wednesday lotto was launched on November 21st, 1984. It was started as an addition to Monday Lotto. Wednesday Lotto is a NSW lotto game.

Wednesday Lotto was a local game, but soon it expanded throughout Australia and became very popular. There is a total of six divisions of prizes on Wednesday Lotto. The first prize is worth $1 million. Divisions 4 and 5 have fixed prizes worth $20 and $10 respectively. The prize money for the rest of the divisions varies for different lotto games.

Apart from Monday and Wednesday Lotto, there are also other lotto games you can play. The amount of the grand prize for other lotto games starts from $20 million.

There is also a deadline for claiming your prizes. The information about the deadline for lotto prizes can be discussed with the lottery officer.

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