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How we Summed up our Review of the Best Inversion Tables

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Inversion tables are becoming popular in many homes due to its health benefits and ability to help relieve joint and muscle pain, especially around the back and mid-region. For many people, especially those who suffer from mild to severe pain, been inverted at an angle of 60degrees can help relieve pressure on the spine.

We recently reviewed some of the best inversion tables, which you can read about here in this link. While there are many options available to you, if you are shopping for one, it may not be easy for first-timers to decide on a particular product, which was the reason for the review in the first place. But when it comes to finding the best one that will work for you no matter what, you just have to know precisely what you are looking for.

Our Selection Process

When shopping for an inversion table, there are a few things to keep in mind, which was the basis for writing our review in the first place. Before we concluded, we had to sift through a good number of brands and compare them against factors like price, design, ease of use, and durability. These factors are highly valuable as they make it possible for anyone looking to buy this category of product to do so without much stress.

  • Price

Many of the best inversion tables, especially those that come with extra features like heating and massaging, are usually quite expensive than the regular one's design to help relieve back pain. The high-end brands could sell for as much as $500 to $1000. But it is possible to find others that are more budget-friendly and retail between $100 and $300, so it is safe to say that there is an inversion table for every budget.

You should know that many of the cheaper models are usually designed from low-quality materials that generally don't last long. But if durability is something that you take keenly, and need one to help you deal with body pain quickly, then it may be best to opt for a high-end inversion table.

  • Assembling

We also considered how easy it is to assemble an inversion table when summarizing our review of the best options out there. While these devices are not so technical to set up, they can be quite challenging for a regular Joe to get around. Most of them need to be in a fixed position and can't move around once they have been assembled. So when shopping for one, you want to check that it is easy to set up, or comes with instructions for you to do so.

  • Stability

Another thing we also checked out was the stability of the device. If you are going to be inverted upside down on this machine, then it should be stable enough to remain in its fixed position. Any unnecessary movements of the device can result in an injury to the user, which is why you want to take this one a lot seriously. The weight capacity is one of the things you want to take note of. You are better off with a unit that supports your weight, and as a safety measure, you want to avoid going above the weight restrictions.

  • Comfort

We also look at how comfortable it was to use the device. Aside from the back region, we also checked how it felt to lock in the device around the ankles. The backrest should feature a soft cushion to reduce the stress on the spine when lying inclined on the device. It can be quite tricky to stay comfortable when using an inversion table, but if you know how to make use of one, you shouldn't have such a hard time doing so.

The link below shows you how to use an inversion table properly, so you may want to check it out before shopping for one.

Why you Need an Inversion Table

A lot of people don't think that an inversion table is entirely useful since there are other methods to use in dealing with pain-related ailments. But as you may already know, there are a lot of benefits that come with making use of an inversion table, and they include

  • Lower Back Pain

Inversion tables are an excellent tool for treating lower back pain in adults. It is one of the reasons why a lot of people shop for them in the first place.

  • Relax Muscles

In addition to lowering back pain, inversion tables also help to relax the muscles of the body, especially those around the back and mid-region. If you occasionally find yourself having to deal with muscle pain, then you may need to consider purchasing one of these tables designed to help deal with muscle-related pains. There are other ways to deal with a muscle spasm, but if you don't mind being inclined at an angle, then you may want to consider inversion tables.

  • Maintaining your Height

As we age, we tend to grow shorter, which is entirely no fault of ours. The cartilage between the joints is reduced, and other factors like poor posture also affect your height as you grow older. With an inversion table, you can correct a poor posture, and improve your chances of maintaining your height as you age graciously.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

Inversion also helps with lymphatic drainage. This is the draining of the lymph nodes, which is useful in getting rid of toxins that build up in the body. You can check the link below for some of the symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage.

Final Note

An inversion table is an excellent addition in the home or workplace to help with relaxation and also solve problems relating to muscle and joint pains. It is also useful in correcting posture defects and maintaining height. When shopping for one to buy, you want to check against the guide provided above.

I also suggest that you check through online reviews, and you can start by checking the link I presented at the beginning of the article to begin your search.