Using Loading Ramps Safely

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There are a multitude of reasons why people need to use loading ramps. Heavy equipment or machinery will frequently need to be loaded onto a trailer for transportation between sites. Similarly, if you own ATVs or dirt bikes for recreational use you will likely want to be able to move them between locations. Whatever the reason might be, you will need to be making use of loading ramps and it is very important that you are doing so correctly. Any mis-handling could lead to quite extensive and expensive damage. Make note of the following whenever you are loading or unloading anything no matter the load.

Always Buy Quality

It’s never wise to try and cut costs when it comes to any load bearing equipment, particularly when the load it needs to support is not easily replaceable. Don’t even be tempted to try and use wooden ramps or boards instead. You need to get genuine equipment and so you should use Australian quality loading ramps constructed by a reputable supplier to ensure you are not putting your trailer, your load and yourself at risk. Skimping on quality here will be sure to come back to haunt you later down the line so start off properly and buy some high quality ramps, fit for their purpose.

Load Angle

It is advisable to keep the load angle to a minimum at all times. The greater the angle, the more stress that will be caused on the ramp itself. Not only this but the potential of slipping greatly increases. Ensure you are using any natural inclines to your advantage. Note that the length of the loading ramps you purchase will need to be appropriate to the height of the trailer and if they are too short they will not be set at the optimum angle of incline.

Get Help

Never try to load anything onto a trailer alone. Many people have regretted this decision. Get somebody to help with loading and unloading at all times. One person can be on the ground whilst the other is at the top of the ramp helping to pull the load up into place. Not only will you reduce the risk of any potential damage to your load but you will avoid unnecessary injuries. People often forget how easy it is to seriously damage your lower back area even with what are seemingly light loads. Besides, you will save a lot of time and effort in the process.

Secure Attachment

Check to see that your loading ramps are securely in position well before you use them. Read the instructions that detail how to attach the ramps and follow them to the letter. Also give them a quick eye test afterwards and test the weight on them gently before increasing the weight. Poorly designed ramps will be much less safe to use and inevitably increase the risk of accidents. When purchasing loading ramps take the time to find those which have well designed attachment points either incorporated into their design or easily attachable.

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