The Best Jobs For Students In Sydney

  • Written by News Company

If you’re studying in Sydney, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a bit of extra income to supplement what you might already be getting. Being such a big city means that there are ample opportunities for those looking for work in Sydney, ensuring that whatever your skillset might look like, you’ll be able to make a little bit of extra cash to help get you through your studies (and hopefully allow you to have some spare for the weekend). In this article, we take a look at a few jobs you might want to consider if you’re looking for some part-time work during your studies.

Options in hospitality

Student housing in Sydney certainly isn’t cheap, so if you find that you’re regularly needing to scrounge for food, getting a job might be a great idea. Bartending is one of the most popular jobs students take on while studying in Sydney, as it represents a great opportunity to be highly social and have your hours be very flexible as well. Because bars are typically open nights and weekends, you’ll be guaranteed to have adequate time for study as well. Similarly, working as a waiter or waitress can be a great way to access flexible hours without a lot of the long, late nights associated with bartending. It might also be easier to find a waiter job than a bartender job, as restaurants are far more plentiful and conveniently located than many bars. Cafes are a great way for morning people to make some money and have access to the same kind of flexibility, and they are also beneficial in that you’ll still have your whole day free afterwards!

More options to choose from

If you’re good with children, you might consider being a nanny or babysitting. This is a great gig as you are afforded highly flexible hours that are paid quite well, and you have the distinct benefit of hanging out with a few cute children! It’s also a great opportunity to practice you English, as children are usually more than happy to help out and not make you feel bad for it. Your roles and responsibilities can be quite diverse, which definitely interests some people, and can include things like helping with homework, chores around the house or cooking up basic meals. Food delivery is one of the most flexible job options possible, and is available to anyone owning something as simple as a bicycle. Sydney is certainly one of the food capitals of Australia, so there’s no shortage of work coming in due to the convenience of ordering in world class food. Even if you don’t want to work every day, dedicating a few hours every weekend to food delivery can ensure you make a bit of money for the next study week.

Have you started looking for work?

Because Sydney is so used to backpackers coming and going, you’re sure to find a job that you can pick up whenever is convenient for you. This kind of flexibility is perfect for student life, as it allows you to better balance your studies and even affords you a bit of free time to explore the wonderful city when your studies permit.