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How to Become More Self-Aligned Through Self Hypnosis

  • Written by News Co

Similarly to a client in back pain seeking out a chiropractor to realign their spine, many people may be in emotional distress, or even just not feeling at their full potential, and seek out methods of self-alignment.

While you may decide to contact a qualified hypnotherapist  for some people it isn’t always that straightforward to sign up for professional sessions. Or perhaps you would like to supplement your hypnotherapy sessions with self-hypnosis at home. Either way, you can use self-hypnosis to make yourself more self-aligned and become more successful in your life.

What is Self-Alignment?

Self-alignment occurs when every aspect of you - emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally - is functioning at their best level.

Knowing that you’re not in self alignment might feel like:

  • Something is ‘off’ but you can’t quite put your finger on it

  • Putting on a brave face or masking how you’re truly feeling

  • Not finding joy in things that would usually make you feel alive or joyful

  • Feeling anxious, stressed, on edge or unsettled

When you are living true to yourself and your wants, needs and values, not living to please someone else and you have self-respect, self-love, and acknowledge your true feelings, you are in self-alignment.

At the baseline, self-alignment is about you living your best, most authentic life. Being self-aligned helps with everything it takes to get to your best self, from having better decision making skills, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, better connection to your emotions and what makes you feel good and better communication with yourself and others.

This is why self-alignment is so important - no one wants to be living a half-life. While it may sound daunting, time-consuming and needing a lot of effort, self-alignment can be improved as simply as by using self-hypnosis.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Much like what would happen in a session at Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic, self-hypnosis involves bringing yourself into a relaxed hypnotic state. While that sounds technically difficult, hypnotic states actually occurs in our day-to-day lives, such as when we day-dream or right before we fall asleep.

In this state, we are more receptive and therefore we can train ourselves to think differently with the introduction of new thoughts and ideas through hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis can take some planning to target exactly what you want to achieve and it’s important to understand how certain techniques can help you.

How Can I Achieve Self-Alignment Through Self-Hypnosis?

To achieve the best results in a self-alignment self-hypnosis session, plan what you want to get from your session. Clinical hypnotherapists often utilise hypnotic suggestions to emphasise a point. Hypnotic suggestions are positively phrased mantras repeated during a hypnotic state. Usually the hypnotherapist will guide you through these suggestions, but if you’re undergoing self-hypnosis, write them out before you start and during your session, you can either say them out loud to yourself or listen to a pre-recorded audio of you saying them. Some suggestions for self-alignment may include:

  • I am worthy of achieving my goals’

  • I possess everything in me to help me be where I want to be’

  • I will be true to myself and my desires’

  • I will ask for what I need and stand up for myself when I need to’

It is important that these suggestions are made in a hypnotic state, when they are able to enter your subconscious, which is responsible for changing your thinking and behaviours.

You might also find it helpful to listen to audio recordings of other hypnotherapist’s positive affirmation recordings that may relate to you or your situation - whether you feel spiritually misaligned, misaligned in your career, or not self-aligned due to fears and anxieties holding you back. If you are interested in this, Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic have many free affirmation recordings on their website.

Self-alignment is possible through self-hypnosis and once you can see how you may be misaligned, you can set about creating your suggestions to create your new self.