10 Amazing Activities for Kids that Parents Discovered during Quarantine

  • Written by AWISEE

Parents know that keeping kids occupied can be quite challenging, especially if they can’t leave the house. However, they had to find a way during quarantine because there wasn’t a way around it. 

It turns out, there are several engaging activities to keep children occupied when they’re at home with you. As you wait until it’s safe to travel again, try out these activities with the kids.

  • Bake a Cake 

When was the last time you baked a cake at home? It’s okay to support small businesses that make delicious pastries, but you too could try your hand at baking every once in a while. Baking with the kids helps foster a love for cooking. Allow your kids to get messy in the kitchen as they learn new recipes while you’re at home with them. Invest in cookie cutters so they can have fun making pastries in different shapes. 

  • Explore Online Aussie Resources 

Even though the kids are not in school, it doesn’t mean they have to take a break from learning. There are countless online Aussie resources the kids can use to keep their minds sharp. As your kids get busy with education resources you can take a break and explore some real money slots and see if you can make some winnings.

  • Visit Aussie Museums 

Even though all travel restrictions have not been lifted, it is possible to visit a museum thanks to virtual tours. The kids can learn about arts and culture in the comfort of the living room. 

Some options to consider include:

  • Melbourne Museum 
  • Queensland Museum 
  • National Gallery of Victoria 
  • The Gallery of Modern Art 
  • Explore Kids Fitness 

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to fitness. Channelling the rising energy levels in your kids to exercise improves their health and boosts the quality of their sleep. If your child has always been interested in dance, consider signing them up for an online dance class for kids. 

  • Buy Drawing Books 

This is the perfect time to nurture your child’s inner artists. They can never know if they’re artistically gifted until they try drawing. So buy drawing books and let your kids have fun with colours. 

  • Watch Aussie Movies together   

Since you’re spending a lot of time with the kids, look for Aussie movies you can watch together. Cinema time at home is a perfect way of bonding with your loved ones. You might even spot locations you’re familiar with. 

  • Listen to Music 

Many parents don’t think about this as an activity for kids when it’s actually so good for their brain development. There are amazing kids channels on YouTube where kids can listen and watch educational music. The good thing is, the songs are so interesting, and you too can enjoy them.   

  • Feed Birds 

Feeding birds is a glorious pastime because it allows you the privilege to watch all kinds of birds in all their glory. You’ll need to start by making a DIY bird feeder, which is an amazing project to keep kids occupied. The internet has easy-to-follow tutorials you can follow to make crafts with items you have lying around the house. 

  • Go on a Nature Walk 

To break the monotony of being indoors all the time, wear your masks and go for a short nature walk. You can finish off with a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Let your kids identify creepy crawlies, insects, birds and any other organisms in the garden.   

  • Plan an Aussie Garden 

Planting a garden is an excellent way of ensuring your kids enjoy nature during quarantine. Purchase Australian seeds and seedlings online for the garden so your kids can learn about Aussie natives. Make sure you involve them in the gardening so they learn how to care for different plants. 


Spending time with your kids indoors can be overwhelming if you don’t have activities to keep them engaged. We hope this list will help you keep the household happy. Involving kids in fun activities allows you to bond with them and learn about their interests. http://awisee.com/

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