Easy Ways to Find the Most Comfortable Shoes That Fit Perfectly

  • Written by Diana Smith

Staying on top of the ever-changing fashion trends sometimes feels like a full-time job. Not only is it difficult to keep up, but there are so many different markets that are constantly fighting for popularity. French, Italian, Australian, and Spanish designers are standing toe-to-toe, and those of us who are in love with elegant and extravagant footwear can’t wait to discover what they are working on next. Still, it’s not all about elegance and extravaganza – your comfort should be at the top of the list as well. Here’s how you can easily find the most comfortable shoes.

Measure your feet right

So many of us are convinced that we know our exact shoe size, but this might not be as easy as it sounds. The size of our feet can vary depending on the time of the day and even the time of the year. This is why it’s a good idea to have your feet measured in a store before you set out to find the perfect pair. Just because you wore a certain size in your teens, it doesn’t mean that the same size will fit as well in your thirties or forties. Also, it’s a good idea to get measured at the end of the day since this is the time when your feet are the largest, especially if you’re out and about in the scorching Aussie heat. If you buy shoes that fit at this time, they will definitely be comfortable throughout the day.

Choose flexible materials

When looking for the perfect shoes, try to see exactly how flexible they are before you buy them. You can easily check their flexibility by bending them several times in the direction that your feet naturally move, as they will bend this way on your feet when you’re walking or running. This way, you will check not only the flexibility of the material but the overall quality of the glue on the joints. With some low-quality brands, it happens that the glue doesn’t hold well even in a simple test like this. This also often happens with shoes that have been put in the windows, especially in the summertime.

Finding comfy heels

Even though some might think that there’s no such thing as comfy heels, it’s not exactly true. There are fool-proof ways how you can find your perfect pair of women’s heels in Australia with just a bit of effort. Check to see if the soles are flexible and whether they can bend at the front of the arch since this is important for walking, but also make sure they have a stiff bottom under the arch for support. Many Aussie designers understand that a high heel should be placed directly underneath the center of your heel, and even though alternative designs might look inviting, they aren’t as comfortable. Additionally, do your best to avoid synthetics since materials such as leather and suede breathe, thus lowering your chances of getting blisters.

Get the perfect sandals

Every Aussie knows that without the right sandals, your casual outfit is incomplete, which is why sandals can be seen everywhere, from cafés to beaches. The right way to find the perfect sandal is to place it on a table and see if it’s balanced enough to stand on its own. Also, if you’re worried about your own balance, you can pick a pair that has a broad heel base, as this will make you steadier. As much as you’d like to take a pair of backless sandals on the beach, they can often cause pain in the balls of your feet, so avoid them and get a pair that has a toe-box area that’s wide enough so that the broadest part of your foot is comfortable.

Spot the comfy ones easily

If you’re not sure exactly how to spot the comfiest shoe, here are a few easy tricks. Take a good look inside the shoe and check to see if it has padded lining inside since it can prevent your feet from rubbing and doesn’t constrict the movement. Memory foam insoles are by far the best because they will support your feet all day long. Also, look for a firm sole – the firmer it is, the more stable the shoe will be. If a sole is flexible, it is probably very thin, which means that the bottoms of your feet aren’t nearly as well protected as they should be.

Make sure you do some research before you buy a certain pair, check reviews, and don’t be afraid to take your sweet time. No matter if we’re talking about your elegant high heels or your running shoes, you should feel good wearing them, and they should fit perfectly. When choosing shoes that you will wear often, it is very important that you focus on more than their design. They should be comfortable rather than simply pretty or stylish, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have both.

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