How A Bulk Bag Unloading System Saves Time And Money

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Whether you store your products in bulk bags or buy raw materials in bulk, you need an efficient and right bag bulk unloading system. When it comes to unloading an FIBC bulk bag, not all workers are efficient enough to unload it efficiently manually. But, the right unloading system works effectively in saving a substantial amount of time and money.

The unloading of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) manually has not been changed to the automation system that helps in making the unloading process easier and simple. In various industries, FIBC bulk bags can carry 1-2 tons of material. It increases the operational efficiency of the workers by allowing the transport of bulk material between processes.

Many industries such as food, chemical, plastic, pharmaceuticals, etc. are attracting FIBC bulk bags as one of the ideal methods to elevate and transport materials within their facilities.

Bulk bag unloading system authorizes controlled, safe, and efficient operations to unload FIBCs. These systems are available in the simple design and are also easy to operate. They enable operators to leave the bulk bag into the unloader, where it can be loosened safely. Once the bag is in the right position, it is untied and emptied.

How was the Traditional Bulk Bag Unloading System?

If we talk about the old bulk bag unloading system for FIBCs, we can say that they were not really the right systems at all. They had worked like:

  • The bulk bags were stored on pallets; they were then loaded onto a truck with the help of a forklift, hand jack, or other tools for transporting inventory.
  • These trucks took these bulk bags to the desired location. The numbers of workers were ready to unload these bulk bags from the truck and load them onto new pallets in another production building. From there, they were moved to a reactor with the help of another forklift or similar machine.
  • Then, these bulk bags were opened manually followed by dumping the material into the reactor.

From these points, you can easily observe how the entire unloading process was really laborious and took too much time for unloading the material.

How Does the Modern Bulk Bag Unloading System Work?

These days, manufacturers use highly efficient and dedicated bulk bag unloaders to make the entire process streamlined. These systems work great in reducing time and manpower. They do most of the work that was previously performed by forklifts and workers.

There is an automatic nag agitator assembly that shakes the material within the bag so that the material can be moved evenly and smoothly. The vacuum conveying system is used to move the material along without any need of handling bulk bags physically. It simply results in the reduction of health and safety risks to the workers. It also helps in reducing product loss as well as housekeeping problems.

The batch controls allow an operator to operate the complete system manually or automatically by standing at a safe distance, along with monitoring the process to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Final Words

The bulk bag unloading system is quite safer, faster, and economical as compared to the traditional way of unloading bulk bags.

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