Pet friendly home: the benefits of having a pet door at your home

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We all want our beloved pets to have the best life possible, and one of the main ways you can ensure their health and happiness is through installing an efficient pet door! Pet doors come with a range of benefits that allow them to easily get outside when they need to go to the toilet or take care of some other business.

Industry experts and vets talk about the benefits of installing dog or cat doors in Melbourne homes all the time, so what are some of these awesome benefits?

  1. They will be happy to be able to get outside easily

As pet owners, we spend time training our pets to use the bathroom properly. But your beloved pet can’t always hold it in, especially if they find themselves waiting at the door for someone to let them out!

Naturally, they are going to want to go to the toilet inside, but this can be a source of great confusion and discomfort for pets who have been trained to go outside. With a pet door, your furry little friend can get outside whenever they want, thus allowing them to relieve themselves without the stress of doing it inside…

  1. They can get out to exercise whenever they want

You want your pet to stay fit and active, but being stuck inside when they want to be outside running or playing is bad for their health - this is where the pet door comes in handy. Your pet can easily get up and go out for a run, jump or a hop whenever they want, thus being able to exercise even when you’re not around to let them out.

  1. They won’t be bored

A bored pet is often a naughty pet, it’s not their fault - they just like being stuck inside all the time! Unfortunately, however, bored pets often develop compulsive behaviours like incessant chewing or scratching on home objects.

  1. They increase pet safety

If your pet ever needs to quickly exit the home, they can easily run through their pet door. Conversely, they allow them to quickly run inside when the weather turns and they want to come in and be warm.

  1. They can help protect the home

If your pet is something of a guardian, you may just benefit from having a pet door. Why? Because they allow pets to quickly run outside to check on strange noises as well as confront intruders.

How they benefit you!

There are a range of ways the benefits of a pet door also benefit the owner. This includes:

  • * No scratching at the home.

  • * Fewer piddle patches around the home.

  • * A more content pet.

Pet doors are great for family pets. They provide your pet with a level of freedom to occupy themselves as well as the health and comfort of being able to go to the toilet whenever they need it. They can also help prevent unwanted pet behaviours like compulsive chewing or scratching, as well as constant barking.

Despite this, just be sure that the pet door doesn’t become an excuse for not hanging out with your family pet! They are an awesome, highly convenient installation with plenty of pet-friendly benefits, but they shouldn’t work as a substitute for engaging in activities like playing with and walking your dog or cat. One of the key sources of pet happiness is plenty of love from their owners - but we know that you know this already!

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