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How beneficial is placenta for your skin

  • Written by James Smith

You must have noticed the word placenta on many beauty creams and even in medical products. It might have given you chills or the gross factor. But for beauty conscious people, it is another regular ingredient in both their diet and skincare regime. So if you have dreamt about smooth, silky skin, stronger nails, and fuller hair at any point in life, this can be the answer for you as well. But can you go any lengths for it? Will you let go of the ick factor and try this super ingredient in the name of beauty? We are calling it super because it indeed holds a plethora of benefits for your body, especially your skin. With recent innovations, even the grossness of placentas such as sheep placenta and deer placenta have faded away as you find them in capsule form or creams. There is no questioning the method of use is no longer disgusting as you do not eat them like eat meat! But there are no doubts about the benefits. From medical experts to top dermatologists, everyone has accepted that it indeed is a great discovery in the field of skin. Some have even gone fare and named it a magic potion!

Not only have studies proven the power of beauty this body part holds, but history also complements its usage. It is new in the world of application but ingesting it has been a practice since the 1500s. How ironic! Once you realize the benefits, it will max out the hesitation and eliminate all the disgust that you have for it. You must think placentas are only helpful in pregnancy. But their skin-related benefits is a whole other chapter. From anti-ageing effects, and enhancement of glow to reducing pimples and curing ailments, dermatologically speaking placenta does a lot for you. Whether you do placenta facial treatments, apply it via beauty creams and toners, or take it as supplements, it will be beneficial in all ways. Here is why you should use it:

Anti-ageing effects.

To get the full lowdown, we will mention the foremost benefit that many people look forward to in the placentas 'the age curbing effect'. Nobody likes wrinkles, but nobody wants to go under the knife as well. Without uplifting surgeries, it is very hard to prevent your skin from sagging. However, placentas can do this wonder at any age as it enhances skin elasticity. The power of the nutrients it holds can alter the effects of time, not only the vitamins and nutrients but also the hormones in it can enhance your beauty game. This is because the placenta has a very high level of a hormone called CRH (corticotropin-releasing-hormone), which reduces stress. And as you are aware of how detrimental stress can be for your skin, you can thank placentas for lessening its impact. This means that frown lines can be curbed, wrinkling can be slowed down, and a sudden breakout can be prevented. The ageing effects will not be permanently stopped, but their pace will be slowed down

Heal scars and wounds:

You might have heard how placentas develop during pregnancy and help the body stores nutrients for the baby. Well similarly, if you use it, it provides your skin with nutrients as well. Research has proven that placentas surely acts as rich healing agents because they contain potent amounts of growth factors and even stem cells. There are more than 128 nutrients in it, which helps to fasten the pace of healing and lead to quicker recoveries. Moreover, the stem cells rejuvenate the skin at a speed that no other treatment can match. As per many dermatologists, treatments contain placentas promote the growth of collagen, which not only fastens up healing but also reduces the appearance of scars. This improves the overall texture of your skin as the effects of pigmentation and blemishes are minimized!



Placentas are known for their waste removing abilities during pregnancy. But what people do not know is that they can purify your body when taken indirectly as well. They will detoxify and purify your skin. The bacteria and germ that cause redness and irritation will all fade away. Be it inner toxins or outer grime; everything will be cleared away. Moreover, the nutrients provided will reduce deficiencies and bring back colour to your skin and removes paleness. There will be no spots or dullness, and your skin will be smooth and clean. It will get rid of infections as well and eliminate the spur of acne and other pimples and blemishes from the core. Thus you will get rid of skin issues permanently rather than temporary relief that other treatments provide

Glowing skin:

Another major reason why women started eating and using placentas on their faces is the glow they create. It's not just the cleansing factor that attracts ladies towards it because many other products can lead to smooth skin. It is the sparkle that placentas bring, which makes it so attractive because other ingredients fail to do so. That glow which you think is attainable only through highlighter can be achieved naturally as well by enriching your skin with the nutrient-dense placenta. The different minerals and vitamins within it are absorbed by your skin to give a radiant effect. That is why placenta usage is becoming a norm as women are tired of fake glow and want permanent freshness.

The vitamin factor:

Vitamins have been mentioned above but not with full force. We all know how vitamins are beneficial for skin and how their capsule and creams have taken the dermatological industry by storm. What you do not know is that the placenta itself contains a range of vitamins. From vitamin B6 and vitamin E to Vitamin D, and Vitamin K, all are present in this single source. As all of these are ideal for cellular metabolism and skin regeneration, it makes placentas the best beauty vitamin block. Not only that, but it also has vitamins A and C which have a whole other list of benefits attached to them. Vitamin A promotes skin growth, reduce the appearance of scars, and stimulate cell production. While vitamin C hydrates the skin, corrects uneven tone and brightens it up.

Very Safe

Unlike other chemically treated ingredients in creams, facials, and supplements that are unsafe and cause reactions, the use of placentas is very safe. This is because it is a natural source and is the least processed element. Moreover, if it is topically applied, all the complex proteins, connective tissues, and fluids in the placenta remain intact and can directly affect the skin. This leads to even more and quicker hydration and moisturizing of the skin. However, these elements cannot be absorbed by the body; thus are not harmful at all. No redness, allergies, infection or any other adverse reaction occurs by applying creams, toners, and masks containing placenta. For ingestion purposes, the placenta is processed for safety. But even then it retains the majority of its nutrients and regenerates skin without causing any harm.

Amino acids and enzymes do the remaining work 

By now you must have memorized that placentas are full of nutrients. But apart from vitamins and minerals, they also have amino acids and enzymes which are champions at healing skin in all aspects. These rich extracts in the placentas can treat the majority of skin problems. Be it acne, dryness, rosacea, dullness or ageing signs, and it can solve all your problems. That is why dermatologists have recommended it. All these components indeed make it a versatile healer. From skin-firming and lifting to hydrating and rejuvenating, there is nothing it cannot do.


Now you must be clear on why celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, and Kardashians have admitted to using their placentas. They did not do it for publicity but for the sake of their appearances. It might be the grossest skincare trend but also the most successful one to date. Its popularity is skyrocketing, and now you know why!


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