Responsible retailing that is good for the environment

  • Written by News Company

Over the years there has been a marked increase in awareness pertaining to the use of products in our daily lives that are damaging our land and sea. We have had the huge outcry over oil spills by huge oil rigs and oil carriers which has led to clamping down of this behaviour. There has been a movement regarding the deforestations caused by the demand placed on wood for building or making paper. Companies and households have set up paper recycling stations or systems to recycle the paper and have also had email disclaimers in the signatures that encourage people not to print the emails. Then there was the big drive to recycle glass and reduce the use of plastics. And lately we have seen a movement against single-use plastics and particularly straws. If you have a company and want to implement new ways of operating that reduce your impact on the environment, here are some ways to start.

Durable cotton bags

If your business involves the use of bags, such as at a grocery or clothing store, then look to buy calico bags wholesale to use as your bag. Your own company may be very good at doing recycling, but you can’t guarantee your customers will be. This way you are providing them with a reusable bag and because they will use it several times, you can brand it with your brand to help generate more brand awareness. Alternatives to plastic can also be paper bags or bags made from biodegradable materials.

Going paperless

Some companies have implemented paperless weeks where they will go for one week a month of not printing anything. This is difficult when it comes to legal paperwork and so an exception can be made for that, but it is a good practice to implement to help create awareness on how much we print and how much goes to waste. Your online filing system will need to be set up and efficient so that instead of printing, the information can be safely stored.

Recycling bins

Have good and well-maintained recycling bins around your office and company premises. The standard recycling split is paper, plastic, glass and then ‘wet’. People will start becoming cognisant of their recycling behaviours and will hopefully form new patterns at work that will filter back into their home lives.

Reusable mugs and cups

If people bring their own mugs and cups to work, then they can be responsible for cleaning and keeping these ready to use. Instead of grabbing a disposable coffee cup to make their 4th cup of coffee for the day, they can reuse their own personal cup. The amount of wastage from drinking is huge and between coffee cups, water cups, and soda bottles, we can easily be throwing eight objects away.

The lighting you use

Bathrooms and areas that are less frequented can have lights that are motion sensitive and only go on when there is movement. You can also install led lights and other forms of lighting that is draws less heavily on electricity.

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