How Climate Change has made Termite Control Brisbane Difficult

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It’s been more than three decades since the climate change was recognized and the efforts were started to preserve the mother earth. But still, new updates about the causes and effects of climate change keep coming frequently. One of the recent updates is regarding the relationship between climate change and the pests.

Now, you might believe that you know everything about the climate change and any new information cannot shock you. But did you know that changes in global climate promote the growth of a variety of pests? As a result, termite control Brisbane and other areas of the world has become extremely difficult.

No matter how much cleanliness you maintain or what precautions you take, termites will find the way to your premises. Wood is used everywhere for construction, furnishing, decoration, and many more purposes. As termites are known for damaging the wood, all sizes and kinds of properties are at the risk of termite infestation.

In such a scenario, relying on homemade remedies or prevention techniques alone is not enough. You need to consult the experts for getting rid of these ant-like wood-destroying annoying pests. Termite exterminators can help you in making your property termite-free perfectly. You might wonder ‘how?”. We will shed light on the same in the dedicated section of this article.

But before that, let’s see how climate change has affected pests, and thereby, human beings.

How Climate Change has Increased the Pest-Related Troubles?

The fact that every living being requires a certain temperature to survive and stay healthy is not unknown to anyone. You must have seen how cats and other animals keep their newborn offsprings warm. Insects and other organisms that are considered as pests are not an exception.

Therefore, changes in temperature levels have led to changes in the lifespan and behaviour of termites.

  • Increase in Activity Period

Due to climate change, the level of average temperature has increased all over the world. Winters have become less chilly, and summers have become more scorching. Termites become inactive under the low temperature as it doesn’t suit their bodies.

As high temperatures are witnessed more in today’s time, termites stay active for a longer duration as compared to earlier. This increase in duration gives termite a chance to attack more properties, cause more damage, and give birth to more offsprings. You can notice a rise in termite infestation cases as the duration for which they attack wooden objects in a year has increased.

  • Availability of Suitable Conditions

One of the significant impacts of climate change has been the rise in humidity levels. Humidity acts like an immunity-booster for termites as their skin is quite thin. Termites live comfortably under humid conditions. They even maintain a required level of humidity inside their colonies by sealing the same.

  • Growth in Size of the Body

As termites have gotten the chance to remain active for an extended duration in a year, they are growing rapidly. The size of their bodies has increased as they get more time to roam around and eat your favourite home décor piece made of wood.

  • Chance to Explore More Regions

Many regions that used to remain cold throughout the year or during most of the year are now experiencing warmer weather conditions. Thus, they have become favourable for the existence and growth of termites. These pesky pests have obtained new regions to explore, and thereby, a large number of households and businesses to create problems for.

What should You do to Get Rid of Termites?

The above-mentioned points prove that the termite infestation has become more serious and dangerous issue than before. You cannot depend on your termite inspection and elimination skills anymore. Experienced termite removal technicians can save you, your family, and your belongings from the harm that can be caused by termites. Whether termites have invaded your house or your workplace, you should hire the technicians for getting rid of them.


Termites don’t just damage the wooden structures and objects but also pose health risks to people. The skin shed, dust produced, and the waste material generated by termites can cause allergic reactions. These components can even trigger asthma attacks in many cases. Therefore, approaching the termite exterminators is the only beneficial solution.

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