Know the Best Time to Buy from a Furniture Warehouse in Perth

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Buying a home is an exciting investment. However, many buyers do not account for the extra expenses that follow as soon as they collect the keys to the building.

Furniture is one of the costliest things to purchase. But the good news is that you do not have to acquire a lot of debt to own a beautiful home. Shopping for pieces of furniture that will suit your budget and style could be tough, but it is not an impossible activity. If you buy them at certain periods of the year, you could save some money.

So, if you live in Perth, we will show you the ideal time to buy furniture from a warehouse. You can also check out Perth Furniture Warehouse to see a list of dealers in the city. And if you read till the end, you will find tips on how you can save money when buying.

When to Buy Indoor Furniture

If you plan on getting new furniture for your interior, you can look out for new styles around August and February. That period is when the warehouse will showcase the latest styles. Also, around July and January, most stores plan to create space for new arrivals. Hence, you can expect price slashes then. This also applies to floor models. Thus, ensure you request sample pieces in case you do not see their prices.

Many dealers are open to haggling, so do not hesitate to request a freebie or a discount. This will further sweeten your deal and do not be surprised by their offer.

When to Buy Outdoor Furniture

You can manage your folding chairs till the close-of-season sales kick-off in early autumn and late summer. Warehouses do not plan to keep any unsold items till the next year. Hence, there will be a massive discount for many items.

There may be no better time to snag or save good quality furniture than you would afford. But do not wait for a long time before shopping. Those who go early usually select the best. You can get in touch with one of the sales associates so you can know when the warehouse plans to mark things down. And you can also give them a call when the markdowns start.

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When to Buy Office Furniture

A good time to get furniture for your office is during tax time. While you prepare to file your taxes, you can start scouting for deals. But if that period is not convenient, you could still find good deals around the back-to-school shopping period in August and September.

You can also wait till the end of September if you seriously want to maximize your savings. Most stores will be willing to sell off overstocks and floor models after the back-to-school rush are over.

Tips to Save Money on Furniture

There are different ways of saving money when buying furniture. The tips we will share here also applies to when you are shopping for other items.

1. Have a Budget

It may not be a good idea to shop on impulse for an expensive item. You have to decide if it is a need and then make a budget before you purchase it. When you do so, it gives you time to reflect on your options. It is better than hurrying in and out of stores and probably ending up with just any item since you would be exhausted by the entire buying process.

2. Be Nice

When you are nice to salespeople, they may help you get some sweet deals. Do not treat them as adversaries; instead, approach them in a friendly way. They are there to help you buy what you need; you only have to trust them.

We aren’t referring to a blind trust. However, if you request help in a nice way and the sales rep reciprocates, it would be good to build a relationship on that. It may surprise you that you would get the item you were looking for, and at a better price.

3. Look out for Sales

When you purchase furniture that is on sale, you can save a significant amount of money. But it is important to check if it is a gimmick or a real sale. You may see many “Going Out of Business” or “Blow Out” sales most of the time, but they may not offer good deals.

You may want to look out for special sales like floor sample sales, clearance sales, or closeout sales when the stores will be clearing their inventory.

4. Check Out Outlets

Clearance centers and outlets are known for offering good deals. You can see the furniture that was returned, damaged, or has been discontinued. You will get just what you are seeing, and in some cases, you can get good furniture at a low price. The secret behind getting great deals from clearance centers and warehouses is to visit them often. You can never tell what you will find.

5. Build Your Negotiating Skill

You can find retailers who are open to negotiations. You only have to make some inquiries and legwork. Asking politely won’t hurt and it will help you to find out what you’re seeking.

If you’ve been shopping there, you can know the going rate for the furniture. And if you are getting used items, even the seller expects you to haggle. You can read this article to know how to haggle for used furniture.

6. Search the Web

You stand a chance of getting just anything when you search the Web. You can search for a manufacturer’s name and the model that you want. You will likely get reviews from people who have previously purchased the item.

If you decide to buy online, ensure that the seller is legit. You can check the shipping information, warranties, and taxes before committing to buy. You can find online bargain shopping centers or members-only sites offering flash sales to their members. But you still have to know the actual value of the item before getting excited.


In this article, we discussed the ideal time to buy furniture from warehouses in Perth. We also shared tips that can help you save money when buying. So, ensure you put them to practice and see how things will work out in your favor.

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