Why Does Anyone Want to Look Tanned?

  • Written by NewsServices.com

It’s like everywhere you go, the world is telling people with lighter, fairer skin to get tanned. You can get a natural tan at the beach or by an outdoor pool, of course, or you can go to tanning salons, spray-on tanning studios, or you can buy gradual tan product online…the possibilities are seemingly endless. But what explains this exploding market demand? Why are there so many people clamouring to get a darker shade onto their skin?

Here are some of the top reasons people like to look tanned:

Reason 1: It’s Perceived as “Healthy”

For those with fair skin, there is a strong perception in many parts of the world --- especially the western world --- that being too pale looks unhealthy. We associate excessively pale skin with being ill, and often talk about people looking better after illness by saying “you’ve finally got some colour back in your cheeks.” Clearly our love of some colour in the skin is well established.

In addition, in the modern age there has also come to be a strong perception of the Mediterranean culture to be one of particularly good health and longevity. What do people from the south of Italy, Spain, Greece and other Med states have in common? A radiant skin tone. This is another part of how we have come to see tan as a sign of good health.

Reason 2: People See Tan as More Beautiful

Beyond looking healthy, there is an equally strong perception of those who are tanned as being more beautiful. Tanning can help people feel more confident, more attractive and even slimmer when they are tanned. Surveys have shown that as many as 57 percent of women believe that having a tan makes them look more attractive.

Perhaps this factor is also boosted by the fact that seemingly every white female celebrity on the planet is on a constant crusade to look tanned. That certainly adds to the perception of being tanned and being beautiful as synonymous.

Reason 3: It’s a Confidence Booster

Given the first and second reason mentioned above, it’s natural that getting a sun tan can do wonders for one’s confidence. When you feel healthier, slimmer and more beautiful, what’s to stop your confidence from coming out in full force? Sometimes, a boost in confidence is really all one needs to start doing better all round.

A boost in confidence leads to a more positive energy being let out, and others pick up on that. It can lead to new friendships and perhaps something more, as well as giving one that burst of energy needed to communicate something better to one’s colleagues and peers. Even a little boost can make a huge difference.

Reason 4: Removes Your Vitamin D Deficiency

A lot of people suffer from vitamin D deficiencies, and the sun is a natural source of it. Therefore, some people want to try and get a tan as part of gaining a nice healthy dose of vitamin D. In these cases, they may not sunbathe for long nor try to achieve drastic skin tone changes. Even just a little time in the sun each day is a good way to balance your vitamin D intake. If you’re concerned about too much UV, however, you can also get it from fatty fish, seafood and mushrooms.

Reason 5: It Can Balance out Blue Light

Finally, the red light we get from the sun and that helps us gain our sun tan can also act as a counterbalance to the increasingly alarming amount of blue light that we are exposed to from the screens we sit in front of for so long each day. Screen time for adults is rising and that’s becoming a problem. Balancing it with the more natural light of the sun by getting a tan in our downtime can be a great way to counteract blue light effects.

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