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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be Playing Poker

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It may sound funny or even ridiculous why an entrepreneur should care about the game of poker. If anything, every entrepreneur wants to put their money into good use and some of them may not see poker as a good way to invest their money. This is simply because they see poker as a game of chance and not a sound investment decision.

However, the art of playing poker comes with vital lessons that entrepreneurs can apply to grow their empires. This is why it is highly recommended that entrepreneurs should at least learned how to play poker and become very good at it because the skills they use in winning poker can be applied directly into making the investment decisions. If you are still doubting, here are our very compelling reasons why every entrepreneur should be playing poker.

Risk Calculation

It is the fact that playing poker comes with a lot of risks, the same way being an entrepreneur also come with a lot of risks. In the game of poker, the player must learn how to calculate risk, calculate their moves, and make decisions that will impact directly on the outcome of the results. These same skills can be applicable to entrepreneurship, especially in making big decisions after carefully analyzing the risks involved. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and you are still struggling with risk management, then a good thing would be for you to try out playing poker for a while and see how your skills improve.

Dealing with pressure

Depending on how seriously you take poker, you can’t deny that there are usually situations of high pressure during the game. Pressure will always build up as players calculate their moves and hope to block the others from winning. The fact that somebody may be having a stronger hand is enough to make you melt if you know that you may have a relatively weaker hand. If you want to understand the kind of pressure that playing poker may come with, simply watch the finals of a poker tournament and see how tense the players are.

When it comes to the entrepreneurship, the pressure is a common occurrence in the life of an entrepreneur. Dealing with meticulous plans, some of which you have no control over, will always come with a lot of pressure. And the fact that in intrapreneurship you'll be risking real money, this is another reason enough for you to develop a lot of pressure. However, if you can handle the pressure that comes with playing poker, then you'll do a very good job in handling the pressure that comes with normal day-to-day entrepreneurial tasks.

Learn between skill and gambling

Smart poker players know the difference between skill and gambling when it comes to the game of poker. In poker, you are not gambling, but rather taking very calculated risks. In some cases, you will find yourself in situations where the flip of a coin can easily determine the outcome. As such, there's no skill involved, and you are entirely relying on luck. You will be taking a chance and venturing into the unknown hoping that the outcome get will be the one you had wanted.

When it comes to business, there's a lot that is shared with playing poker and so many common scenarios can be related. In business, there comes a time when you have to make a decision without being sure about the outcome. If you have the skill of taking calculated risks as you normally do in poker, then you can easily transfer or apply those skills when you are faced with similar situations in business.

Poker teaches you people management skills

People management skill is very important in entrepreneurship and this is one skill you can effectively learn from playing poker. When u playing poker in real life, you will be playing with real people whom you love to observe keenly so that you pick up certain cues from how they are behaving.

You will be in a position to tell if somebody is nervous from how they are holding their cards or through the facial expression they have, whether they're fiddling a lot with their watches or jewelry again to indicate that they are nervous, or laughing weirdly suggest that they have something up their sleeve. This may sound simple but they will go a long way in teaching you how to handle people in real life when interacting with them and the cost of doing business. You will be able to tell whether somebody is being genuine about a deal or if they're hiding some information from you when you ask them a question. People management skills are very important for successful entrepreneurs.

Sales Skills

If you have been visiting Casino Kiwi to play poker, then knowingly or unknowingly, you've been practicing your sales skills. From the moment you receive your hand, you will be trying to sell it to your opponent. In most cases, you'll try to convince them that you have a superior hand when sometimes that's not the case and in other occasions, you may try to fool them that you don't have a stronger hand when the truth is that you have a very effective hand and you are waiting for the right time to end the game.

How you make your moves and the thought process as you go through will ultimately determine whether you become a winner in the game. This is the case with entrepreneurship. You'll ever be trying to sell a product or service or try to convince people to take particular actions based on the words you use and from reading their minds. This is exactly how people become successful salespersons.

Hopefully, you see the relevance of how poker is to entrepreneurship, and how playing poker can help you enhance your skills as an entrepreneur. It is a fact that if you can become a very good poker player, then you can also become an outstanding entrepreneur.