Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Happiness as a Mother

  • Written by Diana Smith

No mother is perfect and she absolutely doesn’t have to be! Humans are flawed and new moms have so much on their plate that they forget even the most basic things at times. And your kids will forgive you or not even notice your mistakes—they are super resilient and often oblivious! However, in order to ensure a better childhood for your kid and happier motherhood for yourself, here are some bad habits you should try your best to break ASAP:

Not asking for help

Of course, it goes without saying that you’re a strong and independent mother, but you can’t do it all alone. It’s natural to ask for help and it actually shows that you’re a strong and smart mother that wants more for her kids and herself. Everyone needs help at some point, and that’s totally fine.

Not getting enough sleep

Sometimes, it seems impossible to get 8 hours of sleep as a mother, especially if you have multiple kids. However, sleep is a necessity for every human and you must carve time out of your schedule to catch some Zs. Nap when your kids nap, go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up as late as possible. Catching up with sleep will make you a more productive and more attentive mother.

Not taking care of your health

A healthy mother is a good mother—you can’t keep your kids healthy, strong and happy if you’re feeling ill all the time. Also, what if your bad habits cause a disease that might separate you from your kids forever? Make sure to hit regular health exams and consult with your doctor whenever you feel poorly. Giving up unhealthy habits like tobacco will be necessary, but there are alternatives that are a little less harmful to you and your kids such as waterpipe smoking. If you look to buy bongs online, you will find models that allow various uses so you can ditch tobacco and opt for something more natural like different herbal substances.

Neglecting your marriage

For most parents, kids always come first. However, they grow up so fast, leave the nest and you’re left alone with your spouse. How is that going to look if you neglect your marriage for the sake of kids? If you don’t prioritize your marriage, you will find yourself looking at a stranger when your kids grow up and you can finally focus on your partner. So no matter how busy you are, make sure to have an occasional date night (you can hire a nanny, your kids will be fine), sleep in on weekends (they won’t starve, your kids will be fine) and flirt and kiss your partner (they won’t pick up any dirty behavior, YOUR KIDS WILL BE FINE).

Judging other parents

Every parent does what they think is in the best interest of their child, so don’t judge their parenting ways. All parents have different parenting styles. Also, we all sometimes have those hard days when we tolerate unacceptable behaviors for the sake of peace in the house. Keep in mind that not all kids are the same either and they all have different needs, abilities and preferences. If you want to get involved, be there to offer support, not judgment.

It’s normal for mothers to worry, run around all day without rest and always put their kids first, but these habits are not healthy for you, your family and your little ones. Instead, ditch them and replace them with something more beneficial for your little team.  If you put more focus on yourself, your health and your happiness, you will transform into a super mom that can provide her family with maximum love.

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